A New Model In Fundraising

The Give-By-Buying arrangement is definitely a win-win situation.  With no set-up fees or minimum levels of participation, the Pay-It-Forward Network provides ongoing revenue streams to meet an organization’s philanthropic needs.  At the same time consumers enjoy the ongoing use of benefits and services that meet their needs or satisfy their desires.  The Pay-It-Forward Network is successful because of the mutually beneficial strategy it employs and the ease with which it is implemented.

Benefits From Participation

How It Works

The Pay-It-Forward Network with its partner, the BuckCard, has created an aggressive monthly revenue sharing plan.  Members of an organization’s affinity groups are able to purchase deeply discounted bundles of benefits and services.  A portion of that revenue is shared on a recurring basis with the sponsoring organization to help meet its philanthropic goals.

Featured Services

  • Family Fun Dining, shopping, entertainment and cash-back discounts.
  • Financial Security LifeLock, LegalEASE, and Financial Helpline.
  • Essential Health (Family) includes Physician Hotline, Vision and Dental Networks, plus numerous other medically related discounts.